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At A Plus Party Specialists LLC, located in Glenwood, New Jersey, we specialize in planning private parties for any occasion and we
customize every event for your unique needs. Whether you are planning a birthday party for a company VP or arranging a charity gala,
A Plus Party Specialists LLC has the knowledge and experience to make sure your special event goes perfectly, and the party guests
are duly impressed.

Our experienced wait staff and caterers provide full-service assistance throughout your event and work hard to ensure your event is
running as you have imagined. In addition to party planning and catering services, we pride ourselves in the presentation of your selected
menu and table decor. Count on our expert team for all of your party planning needs and discover why we are a leader in our field!
Peggy Turner CEO
With over 25 years of industry experience I know exactly how important the "Perfect Party" is, and more importantly, how to plan it with you
and carry it out flawlessly for you.