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How to Find Good Catering Services for Your Event
The holidays are coming up, and this is the year to throw a huge bash. But how does one go about catering a
party of 50 to 100 people, while trying to coordinate the music, the food, the seating and atmosphere?
Simple-there are many local catering services that can provide for the event cheaper than one would think,
giving the host the opportunity to have fun and not worry about the food or the entertainment. Granted, there
are a few rules to follow in order to host a party that will enable both the host and guests to have a perfect time.

Word-of-mouth is usually the first step to finding a great catering service. When hosting a wedding, anniversary,
or other type of party, one usually has a family member or friend who has gone through the same experience and has advice as to
how their caterer was, in terms of food and ambiance. If there is good buzz going around about a certain catering service, the
company should be able to schedule a tasting to show the customer the quality and type of food that can be offered for the event.

Be sure to make the call various companies and ask a few questions to be sure they fit into the budget. Be wary of those catering
companies that claim to be able to serve both small parties (around 50 people) and large parties (500 or more). Caterers usually
specialize in a certain niche and cannot accommodate to all, so beware of those that claim they can provide to any and all.

One important discussion when speaking with the catering service is to go over the company's references and credentials. Make sure
to contact the Better Business Bureau to be sure that the business is up to standard, and also get in contact with some of the
references that the company provides, questioning whether there were any disputes over the food, presentations, or service.

After going over the company's referrals, making sure they level out with the set budget and tasting the menu, one might want to
inquire whether the catering service manages more than just the food and ambiance. Events such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, and
corporate events often require bartenders, DJs, and other staff members that these services often provide. Some companies even
include invitations in their packages; one just needs to ask what previous projects the company accomplished and ask to see various
examples. It could result in a one-stop shop that often lessens the host's stress.

Lastly, if the event's budget is next to zero, culinary schools are often a great place to look to as a replacement to catering services.
While the talent won't be comparable to top-rated companies in the area, when strapped for cash, culinary students are a great
replacement and are eager to do their best. This usually results in great food, great presentation and great service-all on a cheap

Catering an event can cause extreme stress, especially when one doesn't know of a great company that provides exemplary results.
But by following these rules, the host will have an easier job at finding a service that has his/her best interest in mind.

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